Carina Pape


organizing & cooperating

Picture with conference posters designed by Carina Pape

I organized manifold social, cultural, and academic events in Germany and Japan in context of the RdpK research group my postdoctoral positions at the universities of Flensburg and Hildesheim, and during a research stay at Kyoto University (Japan) in the context of my Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship.

I design the posters, flyers and programs for the events. If you are interested in using one of the pictures, please write me an e-mail.

Plakat zur Konferenz - Der Dialog in russisch-deutscher Pespektive
Plakat zur Verantstaltung - Burger, Bier und Beelzebub
Plakat zur Konferenz - 230 Jahre Beantwortung der Frage: Was ist Aufklärung?
Plakat zum Workshop - Norms of Indignation
Plakat zum Workshop - Diversity & Trust
Plakat zum Interdisziplinären Kolloquium - Konflikt-Krise-Kritik
Plakat zur Tagung - Empörung-Enthusiasmus-Hoffnung
Plakat zur Tagung - Responsibiliy and Role Models in an Intercultural Perpective