Carina Pape


unity & diversity

Photograph of a package of cigarettes, labeled 'Sapere aude' and the warning 'Thinking causes knowledge'
The unveiling of truth is unthinkable without the divergence of opinions, because the truth is not recognized in its entirety, at once, and by all at the same time.
Alexander von Humboldt

It takes a village – not only to raise a child, as the African proverb tells, but also to gain knowledge. The objectivity of a judgment can be proven through intersubjective verification: by disputing with other people with diverse opinions. The more the better.

I investigate this value of human diversity from a philosophical perspective. My work covers two main areas of research: one of which focuses on perception and epistemic questions, and another which focuses on how they effect our morality and our social coexistence. Intercultural philosophy and phenomenology are excellent means to investigate this question.

Phenomenology does not focus on objects, but on how these objects appear to us. Not least due to role which the phenotype plays in the perception and judgment of other people, also a racist or sexist perception is appropriately analyzed using a phenomenological approach.

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